Situated in the system remains of Tran Dynasty in Dong Trieu has a temple is regarded as one of the sacred religious works in Quang Ninh: An Sinh Temple, where worshiping Tran’s emperors. It is located on a farm village at An Sinh commune, Dong Trieu town. An Sinh temple ruins in the temple and tomb Tran which is recognized as a Historic place for National level in Vietnam. Today we’ll spend time to visit An Sinh Temple, Quang Ninh, Vietnam hah.

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In addition to the construction of the An Sinh Temple in each tomb as a place of worship, the court also for the construction of temples and shrines Born power many large buildings to house up sacrificial cult and appointed officials to look carefully. The entire area became solemn shrine through the Tran, Le and Nguyen Dynasty.

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Visit An Sinh Temple, you not only burn incense and learn about the life of King Tran, but also feel the quiet of country air. If you come here in the fall of fabric, you will be surprised to enjoy the Dong Trieu lychi. Dong Trieu is one of the biggest place growing lychi of Quang Ninh province.

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In particular, 26th September  will be the day of the annual festival of the temple. An Sinh temple festival is held every year solemnly to uphold the values of history, cultural traditions and the fascinating historical evidence of the nation. This festival will last for three days, which is somewhat at the temple incense offering ceremony of the Tran family. Part of the festival will have the opportunity game: cockfighting, volleyball daytime and evening entertainment exam… Each year, this festival attracts a thousand of visistors.

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Maybe this is a bit tedious place for many people, but I wanna introduce it in case that someone like discovering the history of Vietnam. I’m sure you will find many interesting things while visiting this monument.

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