The busy life in urban can make you are under pressure. This is the reason why we need parks in our cities. This place has many trees and space to relax. You should go to top parks in Ho Chi Minh city if you have a trip here. They are really an ideal place for you to kick back all stress and enjoy your life. 

Dam Sen Cultural Park

Located in District 11, it takes about 15 minutes to come from center. The area is about 52 hectares so you will have many interesting corners and games to explore. 

Lake area with many interesting activites in Dam Sen Park – Ho Chi Minh City

Lake area has many kinds of activities on the water such as fishing , canoeing, hydro quintal house, island dancing, teary. You can buy a combo to save money and try more games.

Besides, campground is a vacant lot and reserved for guests wishing camping.

Cultural Park in Ho Chi Minh City (Tao Dan)

Tao Dan (Cultural Park) is the one of famous parks in Ho Chi Minh City. This park is located in the center of Ho Chi Minh city and has 3 sides on big street of Ho Chi Minh.  You will lost in 90, 503 m2 under the “green sky”, temple and activites here.

Hung King Temple, an ideal place to discover history of Vietnam in Tao Dan Park – Ho Chi Minh city

It often takes place Ceremony – Tet – Ethnic Society such as: spring flowers assembly, musical dum, the cultural festival of Vietnamese. Furthermore, if you come in the early morning, you will see the local people practice exercise and taste the

Especially, for those who is fan of Pokemon Go game, it is a fantasic place to catch your buddies and join a gym.

Hoang Van Thu Park

Hoang Van Thu Park is at Phan Dinh Giot Street, Ward 10, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City and it takes 3 minutes to get from Tan Son Nhat Airport. 

It has a special shape with triangle pattern:  two sides are Hoang Van Thu street and Tran Quoc Hoan street, park area park is as a green oasis amidst sultry Saigon. 

The symbol of Hoang Van Thu Park – Ho Chi Minh city

Hoang Van Thu Park features a very poetic clues entrance as a vivid picture. The next step, you will suddenly lost in an immense green space with a shady foliage sky. Moreover, it is interesting to know how to look at the elderly Tai Chi instrument, the middle-aged uncles leisurely stroll on the paved road smoothness. Under some certain trees, there are young people immersed in the world of full of interesting sites. 

30/4 Park

30/4 Park is named after Southern Liberation Day. It gives the green space between the bustling Saigon and headquarters Independent Palace connection with Notre Dame. 

30/4 Park in the early morning

Besides, this is where the focus of the people in the region, where the couple usually dating and also an interesting place to look at the local life of Ho Chi Minh city.

Now you can discover above parks to have great experiences like me before I introduce more interesting parks in Ho Chi Minh city in the future.



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