Travel to Quang Ninh – Vietnam, you’ll have chance to enjoy fantastic and famous landscapes such as: Halong Bay, Yen Tu pagoda, Ba Vang pagoda, An Sinh temple… Besides, delicious dishes can make you wanna stay here forever. Today we’ll explore top dishes must try in Quang Ninh, Vietnam.

  1. Grilled squid

Grilled squid is the famous dish of top dishes must try in Quang Ninh. Freshly squid live in waters of Halong will be caught, cleaned and then pounding hands, molding craft, create toughness characteristic crispy and delicious taste. They’re all fresh squid so very aromatic and flavor. The most delicious grilled squid served with sticky rice. Dry but particles soft sticky rice, fragrant with the smell of fried glutinous and delicious blends of fresh medium. All of them bring strange experiences that charismatic, making foodaholic like me just want to eat non-stop ever.

Top-dishes-must-try-in-Quang Ninh-Vietnam-grilled-squid

This dish is often bought as a gift for the price 350,000 – 450,000 VND/kg.

  1. Sa Sung

Sa Sung are molluscs which live in the coastal sandy area. It’s quite rare and usually found on the island of Quan Lan (Van Don, Quang Ninh). It’s not only the food but also medicine, complex processing so it becomes expensive for up to 1,000,000 VNĐ/kg. Knowing Sa Sung quite costly but I still “desperately” tried this dish, not in vain the trip in Quang Ninh. And if there is a list to rank the dishes had to try once before dying, Sa Sung is  decided to stay at a high ranking.

Top-dishes-must-try-in-Quang Ninh-Vietnam-sa-sung

The popular dish made with Sa Sung is fresh fried garlic Sa Sung. Fresh garlic will make sweetness of Sa Sung. Besides, Sa Sung also very tasty if roasted dried and brought until the eye-catching yellow switch. Sa Sung dotted with roasted chili, lettuce addition, herbs enclosed beer is excellent.

  1. Nodding cake

Nodding cake is another specialty dish of Quang Ninh. This cake made from rice flour which is similar to the wet cake noodles but was curled into long rolls. It’ll be served with delicious fish sauce and chicken fat distillation, onion. Because of the rolls so people tend to use their hands to hold and eat cake. When holding it, cakes just nodded up, dropping for the elastic-like nodding so-called Nodding cake.  

Top-dishes-must-try-in-Quang Ninh-Vietnam-nodding-cake

I have a hobby that I have to find the special dish to try at the place I came. Perhaps it is the fate brought me to many delicious dishes from all over this country, including Nodding cake. You can eat as a breakfast or dinner with a cheap price (15,000 – 20,000VND/dish).

  1. Chicken Hill

Tien Yen is a district of Quang Ninh province. From Halong, along Highway 18 to the north 70km backwards, you will meet Tien Yen town. There is specialty called chicken hill. This local breeds reared here transmission grazing life, everyday they “walk” on the hillside wandering to self feeding from the type of insects, crickets, ants, termites. Thanks to unique natural food that was sweet-scented Tien Yen chicken specifically which is toned and still crispy, not chewy and fat.

Top-dishes-must-try-in-Quang Ninh-Vietnam-chicken-hill

Tien Yen chicken meat can be processed all the dishes that are delicious ecstasy, especially plain boiled chicken – simple but always effective.

  1. Be Be noodle

With raw materials are taken from the waters of Quang Ninh where is considered to be have super good Be be. Soup made from the bones, shrimp, crab, sweet be be combined with the appropriate vegetables like celery, sweet cabbage, tomato, chopped onion. Featured noodle bowl with the boiling be be, easily peeled but remain whole.

Top-dishes-must-try-in-Quang Ninh-Vietnam-be-be-noodles

A bowl of noodles cost about 40,000 VND. Address suggested that Bun Cau Trang – Ha Tu Ward. I’m sure you’ll be full with this delicious dish.

  1. Ruoc (octopus)

Ruoc is octopus baby size which have to scan in the hole or Bagua cage to catch. Local people also call this long ruoc through the length of the foot striking tentacles of the tiny in comparison with the first part.

Top-dishes-must-try-in-Quang Ninh-Vietnam-ruoc

Ruoc is boiled with guava leaves, sorrel leaves and dotted with shrimp sauce, served with lentils nails, leaves apricots, banana. This dish is one of top dishes must try in Quang Ninh. Especially, ruoc have eggs called sticky rice ruoc which taste more appealing. Season of ruoc start from July to October (lunar calendar).

  1. Nem chao

Nem chao is Also known as “nem thinh” which is the main component of shredded pork skin made from rice and roasted pounding parking or stamping. Grab a book at the same discrete nem fig leaf, shiso, marjoram in thin rice paper sheets and sweet and sour fish sauce diluted, rustic dishes. This specialty becomes famous dish of Quang Yen which visitorl want to buy to bring back as gifts.

Top-dishes-must-try-in-Quang Ninh-Vietnam-nem-chao

  1. Ngan

Ngan is also popular seafood species in restaurants in Quang Ninh province, is famous for steamed dishes bored, tired baking, porridge bored, tired salad, fried noodles bored. Besides the fresh meat fatty bored, bored water is also very nutritious, so people often bored shells tied to prevent dehydration during auto claving. As eating fried noodles tired but not as lovers, not bored you ‘. In fact, here is a species bored molluscs, have hard shells, belonging to shellfish and usually live in coastal sediments.

Top-dishes-must-try-in-Quang Ninh-Vietnam-ngan

Alcohol is more tired unique appetizers, with light red, medium sweet pungent just numbness in the tongue.

  1. Banh tai long ep

As a specialty of the San Diu living in Quang Ninh, “Banh tai long ep” looks quite simple, almost identical shape jaggery cake in western beef but a little darker color. With the main raw materials such as glutinous flour, brown sugar, ginger, through sophisticated processing stage, thorough, responsible financing cage stars this cake so delicious.

Top-dishes-must-try-in-Quang Ninh-Vietnam-banh-tai-long-ep

Before eating, I have carefully sniffed the scent of ginger faint, sweet smell of sugar candy appeal from small crumbs, then nervously biting into piece of cake with a layer of golden brown peanut and sesame surface.

  1. Sam

Sam Quang Yen is used for processing into delicacies flexible suit many tastes: fried sam breaded, fried eggs sam guise leaves, sweet and sour crab legs, grilled crab cartilage, blood pudding sam…

Top-dishes-must-try-in-Quang Ninh-Vietnam-sam

Sam shell is also used to make souvenirs, both just work beautifully carved welding, cold.

If you have a chance to visit Quang Ninh like me, don’t miss these top dishes must try in Quang Ninh, Vietnam.