Normally, tourists travel to Dalat city will often think of visiting the popular destinations such as: Dalat Flower Garden, Love Valley, Tuyen Lam Lake… Now I will show you top 4 Dalat natural attractions.

These places are very unique that few people know about. You’ll temporarily forget about the stress, busy life while visiting these natural attractions.

Cu Lan Village

Cu Lan Village is a small village which is about 30 hectares wide middle of acres of pristine forest wilderness at the foot of Lang Biang Mountain, Dalat city. The village is also home of rare species “Cu Lan”, the reason why this village has this name. Cu Lan is a gentle animals, mostly nocturnal which isthe rare animal in the Red Data Book. Moreover, they are renowned naive, just curled if they have any danger, with both hands covering their eyes.

The peaceful corner, Cu Lan village

You can participate in outdoor activities immersed in nature such as hiking, trekking through the jungle, kite flying, fishing. Besides, you even camp, fire, play folk games, gongs in this natural attractions. The village is a suitable place for those who are looking for a relaxing moments after normal life, love nature scenes and gentle animals.

Ma rung lu quan

Brilliant and pristine daylight, shimmering at night. Ma rung lu quan is one of top Dalat natural attractions you should definitely visit while exploring Dalat city, Vietnam. It takes about 40 minutes to come from the center of Dalat city.

Ma rung lu quan overview

Ma frung lu quan likes a “paradise” full of mystery that will bring impressive experience and fun to visistors. The wooden furniture is unique and meticulous welcomes visitors to enjoy the food and drink here. Then, you can go around to the back to see a stream that makes you want to wading. It’s also an ideal place for couple to have romantic memories in Dalat city.

Golden Valley

Approximately 18km from Dalat center, Golden Valley is located next to the Dankia lake with vast pine, blooming flowers. The first exotic architecture is monumental gate which made of iron pipes advantage.

Golden Valley view from far away like a hidden paradise.

Golden Valley consists of several clusters bonsai island with rare plants and shaping virtuosity. Escipecially, you will find odd flora which can not see at other Dalat gardens. After that, you will see Artificial waterfall, the signature of Golden Valley.  So, it is quite natural, peaceful and pure.

Dalat Milk Farm

Milk Farm is located at  Tutra commune, Da Lat. It is considered of the best Dalat natural attractions.

The first image you see in this farm is a building with unique architecture which has vast land around the side and behind the farm. Furthermore, peaceful lake with smooth green lawns, green pine trees of weapons will make you feel very comfortable, clean and peaceful.

Finally, I hope that top 4 Dalat natural attractions will bring to you a wonderful experience with trip in Vietnam.