90% people in the world like traveling. There are many reasons and benefits that make travel become an essential activity in people life. For me, one of these reason is I love the beauty of view from sky. I always look outside the window to see the landscapes below.


Experience my childhood again

I used to image that the cloud like the cotton candy. It’s soft and so sweet with many shapes. And I’m really excited to see it so close to me on the sky when I had the first flight in my life. I want to touch it right now if I can haha. It look like a huge carpi. Sometimes like a pool. It makes me remember a chapter of Doraemon comic. Suddenly I feel like i’m in my childhood again. I’m sure it’s the happy moment that makes me forget all pressure in my life.


However, sometimes in the bad weather, it scares me so much. Feeling I’m a character in an action film @@

See the wonderful landscapes

Next, I love the scenes of view from sky. All things like model games of my nephew. They’re small but incredible.


The city which is always crowded and busy in normal life is so lovely. I see everything is wonderful from this view.

Sometimes, I feel surprised with the unspoiled natural landscape below. You know, I feel so proud when I discover an unknown places lol.


Try interesting activities on plane

Enjoy a cup of coffee in a plane and watch a real national geographic is a great thing that you should experience. I often take this chance to reflect to myself. It helps me love myself more and find the way to solve all the troubles I have.


Besides, I also like listening to music at that time. My favorite songs become more interesting and emotional. Reading a book is another meaningful choice.

Do you have other great experiences? Hope you’ll find the beauty of view from sky and enjoy it by yourself.