Today I lead you to Sapa, Vietnam – one of the most famous destination must-go while travelling to Vietnam.

About Sapa

Located northwest Vietnam, Sapa has many wonderful natural scenes and people. This town attracts tourists with spectacular mountain views and unique experiences in the lives of ethnic minorities.


Besides, the climate is tropical origin, with an average temperature of 15-18 ° C due to the average altitude of 1500m – 1800m. Hence, the ideal climate becomes a great point for visitors to come here.


Sapa travel experience


There are no straight flight to Sapa, you have to come to Hanoi before get there. Fortunately, Hanoi city also has many fantastic things to discover. So you can take your time to visit Hanoi city within 1 day before travelling to Sapa.


For me, I went to Hanoi from Saigon by plane. If you have many luggage, you should choose Vietnam Airlines because they have 20kg for checked baggage. It means you can carry your luggage and buy some local gifts in the return. Furthermore, they also serve a bottle of water on the flight. However, you have to book air ticket before your journey at least 2 weeks to get “special deal” ticket. Please check the right-time price via their website.

Vehicles moving from Hanoi to Sapa:

  • There are many types of vehicles to get Sapa depend on your need. However, there is the way I go to save money:
  • Take the bus at 10pm and get Sapa at 5am. Then I save one night to rent hotel. In case that you don’t want to explore Hanoi city or you visited it before, you should book a flight which will arrive at Hanoi city at 5pm.
  • Next, you should always buy round-trip tickets to get cheapper price from 20% to 40%/1 round-trip ticket. It took 400,000VND/round-trip ticket from Hanoi to Sapa. References: http: //  (This site requires placeholder). The plus point for this bus is they let us sleep until the morning.


Sapa has many hotels have pretty nice view. There are many options, it is possible to choose or Agoda. But I preferred booking via agoda because I can pay after stay. If you don’t like booking via app, go ahead and search online then call directly the hotel you want.


My choice is Phuong Nam hotel. Maybe the time is the beginning of the week, so the price is cheap, just 90,000VND/person/night. It is clean, comfortable. Moreover, the owner is friendly and funny, you can ask them anything about Sapa. Feeling very satisfied!

Hostel is also a trend here, you’ll find some great hostels to stay. I’ll write another article about them 😉

Top attractions

1. Fansipan – Roof of Indochina

Fansipan is known as the roof of Indochina with 3143m of height. I had so much super sparkling shooting here.


There are 2 ways to get the peak of Fansipan mountain.

  • The first one is to climb. This way takes time and money. Besides, you should improve your health before trekking this destination.
  • Take the cable car. The price is: 600,000 VND/person and it takes about 15 to 20 minutes to arrive.

These are my tips:

  • Should go up size 8 to 9 am, for up to 11 h which is medium sized, but to hit the sunny day, the sun on that stretch of headaches, so poison the sun or star standard, 4 ng tangle spent all the money buying Rin headache medicine after up Fan of: D
  • Bring food and water, with very cold up there, albeit briefly under cold town alone. R 4 shirt to wear to the fraud, even more than the last hot-grandmother always. thou thou

2. Love Waterfall

After visiting Fansipan, I go straight to this beautiful waterfall.

  • Tickets: 60,000VND / person
  • The road from the port ticket to walk very far falls well, but also very interesting way basting.

3. Silver Falls

It is not as beautiful as Love waterfall on the way to go to there, so I just top to take some pictures here but don’t go inside.

4. Ham Rong Mountain

Ham Rong Mountain is considered as an attractive tourist destination not to be missed when visit Sapa. It is far away the center of Sapa town about 3km so you can easily travel to this place. You can go by foot, car or motorcycles. Then you need to buy a ticket (currently 70,000VND/ticket)) to be able to be inside a scenic, fun and entertainment.


Along the road to Ham Rong Mountain, you will feel lost in 2nd Dalat, Vietnam because of abundant flower. In addition, there is an Europe flower garden. You can all sorts of flowers only grow in foreign such as: the Japanese cherry blossoms, amethyst flowers, hydrangeas…

Now is the opportunity to explore the beautiful scenery such as: Orchid Garden, Gate of Heaven, Cloud Airport, Vuon Dao…. Especially, this is also a place for those who loves sightseeing and taking pictures.

In case you lost Passport/Identity papers

Before you think about the worst situation is losing your passport when traveling abroad, be prepared to never encounter:

  • Always keep the passport right beside you
  • Always have a photocopy of passport and identity card but separate them
  • Always available 4 x 6 image with white background (for passport). When you lose your passport, you will not be hard to run around looking for a place to take pictures and wait for printing
  • Learn some basic Vietnamese sentences or key words to talk with local people in bad cases.

When the the worst situation occurs, remember these steps:

  • The first thing you must do is to remain calm, not to panic. Very still and slowly rethink their view may be lost somewhere, circumstances.
  • Then immediately report to the police station.
  • Immediately contact the embassy or consulate nearest to ask about the procedures for applying for a new passport. You can find their contact via this link
  • Sadly, there is no embassy or consulate in Sapa town. Therefore, you have to call for your friend to help you come back to Hanoi city.


Sapa is charm and romantic as a fairy tale that there are plenty of mysteries to explore. Make a journey to this beautiful town to have unforgettable memories.