Christmas holiday is over. Have you ever wondered about information related to Christmas holiday? We all know that Christmas is the day for Jesus. That is a story familiar to all of us. But are you curious about other things? Noel trees? Socks? And Santa Claus? There are some fun facts, whether you know or not. Let’s see!


From ” Xmas ” originates from the Greek. Greeks see ” X ” is a symbol of God.



Christmas letters include letters Christand Mas. The word Christ is the title of Jesus. The word Mas is an acronym Mass (Mass). When word Christ and the word Mas write it as Christmas. So Christmas means Christ’s holidays as well as Christmas holidays of Jesus.

Christmas socks

Christmas socks derived from the story of 3 girls are not married. They washed and dried all over the chimney to dry. They can not get married because they don’t have dowry. But St. Nicholas, who know their suffering has laid a yellow bag on each sock. And the next morning, when the girl woke up found she had a dowry. Absolutely, they were able to get married.


Nowadays, if you want to get something you don’t have, remember hanging on your socks in Christmas holiday. But make sure that you’re a kind people like 3 girls in the old story.

Christmas trees

The first Christmas tree of the Germans made from goose.

The three primary colors of a typical noel tree are: green, red and yellow. Green symbolizes life and rebirth. The red color symbolizes the blood of Christ and yellow light and symbolizes prosperity.


Traditional décor is light candles directly on the Christmas tree

As you know, Thomas Edison – Scientists, famous American inventor introduced the Christmas decorations throughout the world in 1880. Do you know what the people use to light the Christmas tree instead of electronic light as present? They often use candles to light up the Christmas tree directly and this is really dangerous.

Santa’s reindeer

The picture symbolizes the Santa Claus’s reindeer saw an appearance of branching horns on the head. According to a study, male reindeer horns in winter often drop while the females are not so. Hence, a high probability of reindeer pulling Santa’s delegation are female.


Santa’s clothes

Santa is always dressed in red and white beard. Many argue that this image is due to an advertising campaign for Coca Cola in 1930 (modeled draw Santa Claus dressed in red, holding a bottle of Coca Cola). But actually, red clothes rooted tuxedo St. Nicolas Bishop in the 4th century.


Wait for the next fun facts about New Year holiday 😉

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