If roamed around Saigon (Ho Chi Minh city) to understand the land and people, it must take a very long time. But now you can explore Saigon and  “know it all” just through 14 minutes. Sounds amazing and unbelievable hah, but it’s true. 😉 If you still don’t believe, watch this video :))


Bui Pham Thanh Tu, students majoring in graphic design, Van Lang University (HCMC) is author of “I Love Saigon” video. He said that it was the graduation project and salutatorian scores of graduation exam. “I made this video by always carrying the love and immense pride in Saigon. There are unique features available only in this beloved land. I hope people have moments of sobbing, deposition, to feel “I love Saigon”, Thanh Tu share his story.


This is a history film, as viewed as expansion of knowledge. You not only have more knowledgeable but also feel more love Saigon. A Youtube member expresses admiration for the author to have collected knowledge of Saigon quite full and emotional. Besides, several members at forum.vietdesigner.net reserve compliments for the author. The image in the film is beautifully designed, proficient use of techniques such as motion graphics graphic, vector… to reappear ” all handicapped” in Saigon in a lively and attractive way.


The reason I love Saigon became popular because of the knowledge of a great city encapsulated within 14 mins. You can see a center of economy, culture, education Vietnam, lived through the period of history with names Gia Dinh, Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City. The origin of the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Independence Palace, the Municipal People’s Committee, Ben Thanh Market. Then the personality, the lifestyle of the past and present of Saigon; alley culture in this populous city. Characteristics of food culture in Saigon with bold street dishes once numerous articles worldwide praise with: Pho Saigon, broken rice, “Saigon special bread fragrant intestine delicious ” All conveyed a strange way, stayed by the vivid cartoon images.


Moreover, viewers will see both familiar as images sitting roadside coffee sipping, drinking sugarcane juice, coconut switches…


I wish more and more people make the video or whatever creative to introduce Saigon to everyone. Because Saigon is the cutiest place I’ve ever known.