Recently, I had a chance to visit Quang Ninh Province, Vietnam. Especially, my friends take me to Ba Vang pagoda, one of top famous pagodas in Quang Ninh. Follow me to explore the beauty of Ba Vang pagoda at night!


History of Ba Vang pagoda

Ba Vang pagoda has the ancient name Bao Quang Tu (which means “precious light”) which was built in 1676. This pagoda is located on the Thanh Dang mountain, at an altitude of 340m above the sea. It’s a beautiful location in the western of Uong Bi  city where the river is front, the rear backrest on the mountain, flanked by green pine forests.  


Ba Vang pagoda is spacious with a magnificent main hall. It has undergone 4 times of restoration, embellishment and associated with many strange stories, quite mysterious brings the spiritual elements.

Features of Ba Vang pagoda

Ba Vang pagoda has a shrine to the Tam Bao and the Vietnam’s largest “Doc moc” drum. The statues systems in the temple made of wood with large size as well as Tam The, Kannon… are over 2m high. Moreover, the statue of Amitabha Buddha statue is one of the largest wood statue in the North Vietnam.


Furthermore, there is an ancient water wells never dry. Following to the legend, who drank water from the well will be more healthy and out of all illnesses. Therefore, many Buddhists, tourists from everywhere come here want to get up to drink water from the well.


The beauty of Ba Vang pagoda at night

Many people don’t know this pagoda is open all day. And the best time to visit is after 6pm. I came here at 7pm then I’m so surprised at the wonderful scenes I see. Show up for me is a beautiful and unique architectural ensemble.


From Tam Quan gate, Calligraphy Park, Bell Tower… are all form a brilliant picture of night lights. Large space, soft wind, fresh air and peaceful feeling will make you won’t want to leave if visited.


This is not just a place to practice for those who come to study Buddhism, Buddhism and spontaneous understanding. Ba Vang pagoda is also a destination of an ecological tourist, cultural, history. If you have plan to travel to Quang Ninh province, don’t miss exploring the beauty of Ba Vang pagoda at night.