Tourism is a very wonderful thing, it can improve your mood and possibly your current relationship status. If you still love or have exhausted, the following top 8 romantic attractions below will make your heart have a throbbing again.

  1. Venice, Italy

City called “holy love” which is located in the north-east of Italy. It is a huge commercial port is formed from more than 118 islands, 175 canals, connected by 444 bridges. It attracts the attention of many visitors to the romantic beauty of the town, a canal, a great city built on water.


Come visit this romantic city and holding heart and your soul before it sank into the Adriatic sea. If you still do not feel romantic enough, go to the Rialto Bridge and the Bridge of Sighs – where the two of you can declare your undying love again. I think this is the most romantic place of top 8 romantic attractions.

  1. Hayman Island – Queensland

Countries such as crystals, pristine sandy beaches and coral reefs world-famous makes it a paradise for romantic holiday.Besides, it is known for luxury, outstanding chefs with good food. The strange shops, sumptuous dining and watching the beautiful sunset with a cocktail in hand is what romantic holiday is done.


It is no coincidence that this tiny island bearing the name One and Only (One & Only). Also nothing is frivolous when one has invested millions of dollars to upgrade deserted paradise brings serene beauty and charm not far from the reef is the Great Barrier Reef. Is the most remote corners of the Whitsunday Islands, One & Only Hayman Island is the first choice of those looking for privacy and relaxed place.

On the island is located very close to the Great Barrier Reef coral reef and Whitehaven Beach Beach is world famous, you should go sightseeing trip by meeting a helicopter or seaplane, diving or fishing tour. You can also go sailing or surfing catamaran boat on turquoise seas to visit the nearby islands.

  1. Guangxi – China

Located in south China, Guangxi has a subtropical climate, lush landscapes and rugged mountains. If you ever watched the movie The Painted Veil (Files fronts), sure you are familiar with the picturesque area of this. After visiting the colorful caves, temples and palace buildings in Guilin, make a boat drifting down the river between the limestone peaks of Yangshuo town. Then visit the Longsheng rice terraces and enjoy the region’s famous noodles with horse meat and chili sauce made from fresh chilli, garlic and fermented soybeans.


Many people want to come here not only enjoy the beauty of landscapes but also mysterious history here. Explore culture and history with your darling in one of top 8 romantic attractions is not a bad idea hah.

  1. Hvar – Croatia

Hvar is not only one of the most beautiful islands in the world, but also the sunniest place in Croatia. Travelers will be attracted by the idyllic beauty with words of olive groves, orchards, lavender fields immense. Hvar will be great place to stop for pilgrims footsteps seeking quiet and romantic.


Furthermore, Hvar Island has gently rolling hills, stunning beaches, lush vineyards. Vibrant night life of the people here makes Hvar becomes a perfect getaway. Stroll down the streets of the medieval lovely island you will encounter the old military buildings testament to the ancient history of the island. Hvar Town is the greatest city on the island but Starigrad is the oldest village on the island, and Jelsa, as well as some small villages dotting the coast as well as the places worth visiting.

  1. Tahiti, Polynesia – French

The deep valleys, clear streams and waterfalls make Tahiti to become a high-perfect destination and why the intimate resort, a small village a mile peace and quiet beaches are pristine considered one of the best places in the world for “alone time”. True romantic in Tahiti is bungalows on the water. Sleeping in a thatched hut on the high waters of the turquoise lagoon with all the amenities and services of a first class hotel rooms. Make a tour around the island, joining a myriad of water sports games and relax at a romantic spa style Polynesia – use fresh flower bath, wrapped in banana leaves and fruit mask fresh.


  1. Tortola, Virgin Islands, England

Virgin is one of the best places in the Caribbean to travelers shed everyday worries and experience the feeling of romance. In it, Tortola is the most developed island of 4 main islands. To explore this place you can find sailing and pristine beaches and experience your own way.


It is also the most mysterious places of 8 romantic attractions for couple.

  1. Costa Rica

The beautiful rainforests and exotic scenery makes Costa Rica is not only a romantic getaway great, but an environmentally friendly place. There are many romantic things in Costa Rica did not even know where to start, but be sure to have at least a few of the following things: make a trip to the volcano Irazu, Poas, La Paz waterfall Romantic chronic and butterfly gardens or a tour at Braulio Carillo national park. Only in Costa Rica, you can see big cats in Corcovado National Park, monkeys and turtles in Tortuguero or countless Monteverde Cloud forest orchid.


  1. Nassau Paradise Island – Bahamas

Nassau Paradise Island in the Bahamas not only has pink sand, turquoise blue sea, but also has a rich variety of dining places, nightlife and resorts. Stroll the cobblestone streets, immersed in water sports, shopping, arts and crafts items traditions Bahamas or sipping cocktails and sea views. Here, you also should not miss the Changing of the Guard ceremony takes place every Saturday at Government House, Straw Market to buy some souvenirs made by hand, or sightseeing around the island on a yacht. Then, back to our luxury hotel and fall asleep sweetly.


We spend much time in working and then regret about what we can’t do for our youth. We’re so shy to express love to our darlings. I think it’s time to change if you wanna be happier. Let’s explore 8 romantic attractions with your love, friends and family as soon as possible. I’m sure you’ll have unforgettable memories together.