The wonderful world of travel is no different. No one has a proverbial crystal ball and the annual rituals of forecasting more usually need to offer mea culpas on last year’s prognostications. Looking for some fresh new vacation ideas for 2017? Here, we share our predictions for next year’s hottest destinations, hotel amenities, itineraries, and much, much more. Let’s explore 2017 travel trends now!

  1. Decline of the generic holiday

Travel as an experience increasingly eclipses just the basics of getting away, and this year will see more people looking to travel with purpose. Thanks to the popularity of homestay services like Airbnb, travellers can easily live like a local, taking up residence in a new city or a remote bit of countryside for a few days, weeks or even months. This gives rise to a much more personalised and authentic experience.


There is also a trend for combining work and travel and having a working holiday. One is the so-called “bleisure” trip, where you tack on time and possibly an added destination or two to work travel. Done right, this is the ultimate in multi-tasking — add another outfit or two to your bag and have work pick up the bulk of your travel tab.

Another spin is the “have laptop, will travel” habit. If you can work wherever you are (an increasing phenomenon in today’s tech-driven, remote employee world), there’s no reason not to take your job with you on the road and become a digital nomad. Eco-tourism is another popular option.

  1. Unbundled airfares for the win

Travellers have voted with their wallets, fuelling the growth of low-cost carriers and spurring airfares to continue to drop, hitting a five-year low in 2016. By becoming increasingly savvy about how to pick and choose services, flyers will likely embrace pay-as-you-go costs and take control of their budgets.


While low-cost travel is still not for everyone, the nostalgia for the “good old days” when airfares were all-inclusive will fade as people focus on getting where they want to go for less.

  1. Golden age for international travel

With airlines offering more budget options, overseas travel will be more accessible than ever. Look for more moves like the growth of Tigerair’s “narrow body operation”, with the airline planning to expand its international schedule with smaller aircraft that’s cheaper to run.


Travellers often bring their own snacks and drinks, but this year they’ll increasingly be expected to bring their own entertainment as well to keep airline spending (and airfares) in check.

  1. Portable travel search  

Mobile technology has changed the face of travel planning and search. Globally, cheap flights already receives 60 per cent of demand and more than 40 per cent of revenue from mobile, and this is only set to increase.


At the most basic, it’s the simple step of pulling out your phone for an impromptu holiday planning season over dinner, but increasingly, expect text alerts for sales, or to get a price from your favourite voice-based internet device or through Facebook Messenger.

  1. Local Travel

One of the newest and hottest travel trends that we are expecting to explode in 2017 is that of local travel. In the past, most trips and/or vacations planned and booked are extravagant in one sense or another, going some place far away and foreign or world-renown in some way.


While there is truly nothing wrong with that, it seems that lately, the bigger trend is to travel within one’s means, within one’s own country, province, or state, and within one’s own backyard, even. Local travel allows you to get to know your own land, see sights you may have been passing over, and be an even bigger culture connoisseur than before!

  1. Underwater Experiences

We have always loved to travel to watery, clear blue, marine-life-filled locations, the beach being a staple in most people’s travel plans at one point or another. We have not, however, always wanted to stay underwater for the night, visit the dead underwater, or even eat dinner underwater. Another trend of top 2017 travel trends is underwater experiences, from the increasing amount of underwater lodges and hotels popping up (or down) to the somewhat bizarre clustering of underwater interment possibilities. There are even a few dining options underwater!


  1. Bleisure Travel

One of the most interesting, in our opinion, new travel trends of the upcoming season is that of Bleisure, as Fortune Magazine likes to call it. Bleisure is what they have dubbed the official word for Business and Leisure travel, a mix of what you have to do, and what you want to do. Many jobs offer special ‘business trips’, conference trips, or even incentive trips to their employees, many of which are coming with increasingly enjoyable options such as being able to bring your family along, being able to have time to yourself once there, and being able to work for travel payment.


  1. Airbnb & Uber

Many people are calling this new era of travel we are entering one of ‘sharing’, this concept made possible and popular by such companies as Airbnb and Uber. Both of these convenient travel tools allow you to share and/or rent lodging and transportation in your destination city, for a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the hassle. Not only is it typically easier and cheaper, but you will also be able to share a space and immerse yourself into the culture much easier than you would in a hotel or taxi!


  1. River Cruising

We know that River Cruising is not by any means a new trend in the world of travel overall, but what we find interesting is that it is predicted that it will be a more popular method of cruising than ocean cruising in the coming years! That is a huge travel trend to be on the lookout for, especially if you live in a land-locked area full of rivers and have never actually stuck your toes in the sand of a salty ocean. There are more and more local opportunities popping up for amazing evening or weekend river cruises, each filled with way more history and scenery than you probably first thought!


Make this the best year ever and treat yourself to some new experiences. Refer the 2017 travel trends to know about what travelers in the world are chasing.