Day 2 in Da Nang (continue)

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I think our journey in Da Nang like a movie, I mean it always has problems :)) When we go about 1km, 1 of 2 motorbikes is stalled. We don’t know why and how to fix it. After 15 minutes struggling with the motorbike, we’re tired and call to the owner. He said that he can’t go to there right now because he has to do something. Ok we solve this case by pushing. I guess you never ever see  this before if you’re an expat. This action is illegal but we don’t have any idea at this time. So I’m afraid that traffic cop will catch us. However, they just see us, smile and say “Keep going on. We know you’re tourist. It’s ok”. How cute he is! Finally, we get our hostel after 20 minutes from there.

3pm – 4pm

When we’re sitting at the front of hostel, I see a food shop beside. Omg I just want to cry because it’s a Quảng style noodle (Mi Quang) shop. Moreover, they have Quảng style noodle with jellyfish and stuffed pancake with special pork. And this shop is one of the most famous food shop in Da Nang. “Distant horizon but almost immediate”, haha 😀


Quảng style noodle with jellyfish chewy crunchy, tasty shrimp broth combined with delicious beef rolls. Blend with stemmed noodles, soft and sweet is the sweet of the fat broth, which the locals called “nuoc leo”. Principally, indispensable component of Quang noodles are fried peanuts and toasted sesame rice. Taste of both adds to the tasty for this specialty dish. A perfect moment if I can eat my favorite food is eaten when I’m hungry. I feel like in heaven now.

This is bowl of my friend.
This is bowl of my friend.

Pork is soft, sweet and not too fatty, pure skin.  This food is served with a sauce cup which is diluted fragrant. Besides, eating stuffed pancake with special pork without vegetables is a huge regret, especially banana, star fruit and cucumber. Plate of raw vegetables with a variety of eye-catching, fresh non significant contribution made great taste. The vegetables is prepared carefully, as the owner introduced. She said that the raw vegetables is imported with high quality so it is be safe and extremely clean.


This is the ideal place to try traditional food of Da Nang.

4pm – 5.00pm

Motorbike owner appear at the time we’re finish our great meal. Right time, right person. He changes motorbike for us and doesn’t forget to apologize us for this inconvenient. He also pay back for the petrol fee we paid for the stalled motorbike. Now I trust in the kind of Da Nang local people as the rumors.

On the way to Son Tra Peninsula
On the way to Son Tra

Thenceforth, we go to Son Tra Peninsula which is just far 6km from us. The first destination is Linh Ung Pagoda. We go through the path: Tran Hung Dao – Ho Han Thuong – Le Duc Tho – Hoang Sa. The weather is rather cool with softly sunshine. On our way, we see a reed lawns.


And nothing better than in the late fall early winter afternoon, under the gentle sunbeams end of the day, I release my soul back, looking for the moments of peace, reflection between soft reed lawns, fragile. We stop here and take beautiful shots.

5pm – 6.30pm

Following that time, we’re continue to go to Linh Ung Pagoda.


This pagoda has massive architecture, the unique combination of spiritual echoes and modern. One of the main highlights at the pagoda is the Guan Yin Buddha statue which is the highest recorded in Vietnam (67 m) with 17-storey towers. From here, I can watch the entire area of Son Tra Peninsula.


It was dark and quite cold so we decided to leave early. We make a plan to come back this place tomorrow.


6.45pm – 7.30pm

The night falls and the lights flickered. We returned to the familiar stop. Ah, I remember an important thing. The bed at Barney’s Danang Backpackers Hostel also very unique because the cell directly below the bed chest, save space in each room. It costs 100,000VND to deposit for a key of this cell. And I can make sure that my valuable properties are safe.


Now I have an opportunity to go to the terrace of this hostel. It has a pretty nice view, where I can see the characteristic bridge of Da Nang under the beautiful views and extensive. Cafe on the terrace of this hostel is the perfect place to relax.

8pm – 8.45pm

Our dinner is “nem lui” ba Duong Da Nang. Nem lui and beef with guise leaves is not only consistent flavor with a marinade Central but also very impressed ingested because of its tasty.


Slightly inconvenient because the concept of the restaurant is “a new hot delicious food.” If you don’t come early, you’ll have to wait a little longer. Especially, the delicious sauce is made from peanut sauce with 1 mill of secret spices. Eating extremely fleshy, fragrant and could not be bored. This sauce is always should put on a hot stove.
The owner and staff are enthusiastic, laugh happily and extremely hospitable.

9pm – 11pm

Then we decide to go to Skybar – the highest bar on rooftop in Vietnam. It is located at 35th floor, Novotel Hotel. Skybar is here. Time to get high. You should notice your clothes before come here. Outdoor bar area is at 36th which is the stunning views encompass the whole Da Nang city with famous bridges along the Han River and shimmering.


Along with an extensive menu, a variety of snacks are tangy cocktails concocted artistic. The impressive performance of the top bartenders will create excitement for me. The center of the party lively music at VIP lounge is led by DJ young talent and bravery with the genre in vogue today as EDM, electro, progressive, hip-hop, R & B, techno…


Staff is very friendly while taking photos professional for a guests. They are ready to light up the most sparkling image. Some guys is holding the camera around the corner and ask guests for a funny photo (free) to get up on their Fanpage.


11pm – 11.30pm

Welcome to our fantastic room :))

Day 3

5am – 7am

C’mon c’mon turn the radio on…“, my alarm is louder. Cuz we have a plan to see the sunrise to day, I have to get up earlier. It’s wonderful feeling while going on the peaceful path.


In the morning, we can see Linh Ung pagoda clearly.


From this area, I can see the sun rises slowly and create an interesting scene with the sea.


Breathtaking view

I stand here for 20 minutes before coming back to the hostel.

The path looks like in the romantic movie.


I love this moment so much.

The local woman is walking on the beach.
2 childrens are riding bikes to school.


7am – 8.30am

We’re required to check out before 10am today as the hostel’s rule, so we go back soon after shoting 100 images lol :))

Consequently, I can’t find my glasses after taking a short rest. It’s a big trouble because I was close for 4.75 diops @@ I don’t remember where I put it down in spite of sleepy. Fortunately, my friend found it on the chair :”>

9am – 11am

Our breakfast is Mi Quang AGAIN. Then we go to Time coffee shop near our place. It has normal style and drinks, so I didn’t take any photo for it.

11am – 12.30pm

Well my friend in Da Nang comes and take us to “Bun mam nem” shop. He said that “If you d0n’t try this dish, you’ll be not in Da Nang”.


1pm – 3.30pm

My manager has to join in a seminar at this time.

4pm – 5pm

There are some street foods we tried.



Fried banana
Fried banana
Thai style sweet soup
Thai style sweet soup
5pm – 6pm

We come back to our hostel and have a seat at the public corner.


6pm – 8pm

Goodbye Da Nang. We’ll be back in another good day!


Keep calm and wait for my next adventure 😉




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