Ao dai (Áo dài) bears the traditional beauty, contains exquisite beauty of Vietnam costume. It is a symbol of national culture.


In the 18th century, Vietnam women still wear skirts. But in 1744, under the Nguyen Dynasty, Vu Vuong – an official ruled the north central Vietnam requested the change outfits for men and women style. According to him, the new clothes are the buttoned shirt with long pants that cover shoes. The following year in the French colonial period, from the Ao tu than (Áo tứ thân) seconds was converted into two wicked gown and baggy pants.


Nowadays, it is still an endless source of inspiration for designers and fashionistas of all ages.


By convention, in the important occasion of village and the country, everyone has to wear ao dai. The woman wear the flower version with silk scarf on her head. On the other hands, the man wear black version with black bandanas (called “turban” in other places). The seniors and elders wear the red scarf shirt printed with the word “Thọ” whereas the children wear the colorful ao dai. In general, ao dai is a suitable clothes for everyone. Because it makes the Vietnam women become charming and slender; the man become dignified.


In present, you can see it appearing in the Vietnam pageant, beauty contests. Furthermore, it’s also selected as the outfits for Vietnam leaders to attend international events. Once appearing, it was received with appreciation and love. Besides, images of graceful and slender student in ao dai uniform are cycling or walking step on the way to their school making glamorous look.

Miss Vietnam wears Ao dai in an international beauty contest.

Foreigners come to Vietnam not only can enjoy, but also try wearing it. At the festival, many tourists and foreign artists and performers also attended chosen wear ao dai with the exiting felling. And this is also an excellent impressed for travelers to Vietnam.

Ao dai is also a uniform of Vietnam Airline.

Whether in anywhere, this traditional cloth is always the pride of the Vietnamese people.


Whether under the influence of many cultures from the East to the West, Ao dai  still features its own to not to be confused with other designs. Ao dai increasingly improved in many strange and beautiful styles with many different colors but still retain features of it.


Over time and years, traditional costumes can persist and promote its strengths in cultural life. For me, I think any woman who put on this costume becoming a woman who is extremely charming. That is called the exquisite beauty of Vietnamese costume.