Vietnam is a fantastic place for those who like discovering the beautiful scenery. There are 8 reasons make you want to explore Vietnam immediately.

  1. Safe destination

Vietnam is considered as a safe destination in Southeast Asia. There is no war or conflict here. You can enjoy your trip without worry anything.

  1. Suitable price

Many foreign tourists know Vietnam as a destination can easily enjoy the cuisine and stay in hotel with cheap price. With service system, low-cost surprising, Vietnam is increasingly asserting its position on the tourism map of the world.


  1. Special cultural

Vietnam has a system of tangible heritage and intangible extremely rich, cultural characteristics make the world respect. Besides, this is also a place gathering the evidence paints fascinating process of breaking out of the human fossil that is not easy to get in other countries.


They have the colorful culture with 54 ethnic groups living together has created a separate cultural nuances very unique. It expresses in our daily lives, from how to dress, set in funerals, weddings to the festival activities. There are nearly thousand annual festivals with the festival for tourism. For example, Hung Temple Festival, Yen Tu Festival, Festival Hue, Da Lat Flower festival … It is the chance for you to be able to participate and explore the unique and meaningful culture regions.


Currently, Vietnam’s tourism industry has developed a lot of cultural tours such as: Cultural tourism, events and festivals which takes visitors to experience and soak up the atmosphere of the festival. Cultural tourism to traditional villages; Tourism food culture; Rural cultural tourism… Through these tours,  visitors have a chance to experience the life time of the countryside where they come.

  1. People and lifestyle

In addition, specialized tourist site HubPages also stressed: “This is a country in Southeast Asia for the enthusiasm typical. The tourists come here will always amaze at the generosity of the local people “. In particular, the smile is typical of Vietnamese. They smile with anyone, whenever and wherever.


  1. Beautiful natural scenery

Vietnam possesses a lot of beautiful natural scenery. They are constantly named in the world’s landscapes. This heritage is not only a testament to the beautiful country of Vietnam, diverse natural scenery, but also points to attract more international tourists to visit each year.


Firstly, we explore the ocean summer. Vietnam Sea has 3260km length with thousands of small islands Vietnam ranks 27th among 156 countries in the world with 125 wonderful beaches. Moreover, Vietnam is a country which ranks 1/12 the world’s most beautiful bays with 2 bays: Halong Bay and Nha Trang Bay. Halong Bay is a beautiful landscape with thousands of small islands, caves along the majestic shape, between a vast sea area. Halong Bay has twice been recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage, and in 2012 was selected as the new Natural Wonders of the World.  


Walk along the northern coast, you will see the clear blue sea waters of the beautiful beaches such as: Do Son, Sam Son, Cua Lo … These beaches are bold traces the legend of the period of water, as well as footprints kings stayed here.

  1. Attractive adventure tourism

Adventure travel is one of the forms of tourism is attracting the attention of many tourists. With 3/4 of the hilly terrain, the vast river system, many beautiful caves, more than 3,000 km of coastline, many tropical primeval forests as well as the nature reserve and vast national parks, Vietnam has the huge potential for adventure tourism in the future.


With its spectacular, beautiful, pristine natural scenery, mountainous in the northern region and the Central Highlands are great place for adventure tours in Vietnam. Therefore, don’t miss the chance to explore Vietnam and attend to this kind of tour. You can visit a lot of unknown destinations that make you amazing.

  1. Discover a unique cuisine

Vietnam cuisine is also a unique feature. Many people enjoy the rustic dishes, as well as indigenous seethe. For example, you can enjoy roast duck Lang Son, very tasty. You enjoy the delicacies from the sea in Halong Bay, to the Mekong river region you will know the taste of the simple barbecue… Every place always have the unique dish from its variables preparations as well as the taste.


According to the many tourists who come to Vietnam, Vietnam cuisine is quite tasty, even as one of the finest cuisine in the world. The famous dishes are “Phở” and “Vietnamese bread”. Furthermore, tourists can enjoy rustic specialties like noodles soups, hot pot sauce, Quang noodles while travel to any provinces. Especially,  the price is also very cheap.

  1. Combine travel with healing practices

You can combine travel with healing practices oriental medicine, using natural resources. There are some famous health care services such as: pickled hot mud, warm mineral pool, aquatic thermae therapy. You can find them at Thap Ba hot mineral springs (Nha Trang) or hot spring Thanh Thuy ( Phu Tho).

9. You can travel throughout the year  

In the north, the climate is divided into four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. January to April is the time to witness the change of grass and earth. It is the suitable time for festival tourism, spiritual tourism because most of the festival takes place in the north in the spring. From May to September, it is suitable for cruise or resort in the high mountains. October to December is an ideal time for those who love nature, to discover the wild beauty, majestic mountains of the north.



You will love this land with sacred feelings. For me,  explore Vietnam is not only the benefits but also the responsibility.  I can supplement the knowledge about my country. It will contribute to my love for homeland more deeply.

Explore Vietnam with endless beauty in this year is a great idea hah? Take your time to make a plan now!

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