Monday is come back…AGAIN. Don’t lie: You hate Mondays. Here’s something else you probably knew: you’re not the only one. If you’re dreading the end of the weekend or you just need a good excuse for why you’re you’re worst on days like these, these facts might help. Send them along to your boss and see if you get excused for being late.


Just relax and enjoy interesting facts about “it”, the the most scared monster in the world. LOL :))

Most people will lament on Monday in a total of 12 minutes

Most people will moan about it being Monday. A survey in 2011 reported that the average person moans for about 34 minutes on Monday morning, compared to 22 minutes on other days. That’s how much they hate this day. The biggest whingers are 45-to-54-year-olds, who spend at least 12 full minutes moaning.


The employee only have 3.5 working hours efficiently

The first day of a week seems to be less effective working days for employees. According to several studies, the workers really do their job in only 3.5 hours.

Besides, the researchers discovered that most of us feel less happy when starting a new week that more than half of the employees were “have an excuse” to come in late.

Film with Monday in its title

The only film with Monday in its title to win an Oscar was ‘Closed Mondays’ which was voted Best Animated Short Film in 1974.


It is the best day to buy a car

Believe it or not, there are positive things about Monday. For instance, when you’re going to shop for a new car, do it on a Monday. Car sales people make the bulk of their sales on the weekends. When this day rolls around, there are usually few customers in sight, and the weekend is a long way off. That’s why car salespeople are more desperate on this day, and they’ll be more willing to cut you a deal.

Now, do you want to be escaped from this blue day? Follow some tips below:

  • Watching TV
  • Sex
  • On-line shopping,
  • Buying chocolate or make-up and
  • Planning a holiday.


Conclusion, I hope all you guys will have a “pink” Monday instead of blaming on it 😉

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